Best Designed Post-Frame Pole Barns and Metal Buildings

Post Frame Tested by Time and Technology

We are constantly working to bring you the best quality building available. We constantly inspect our buildings to insure that all work and materials meet the needs of the structure and the high standards for which Classic Buildings has become so well known. Here's what you can expect with every post frame building we build...

Strong Foundation
We use a concrete pier foundation on all buildings so that your wood posts remain above ground eliminating underground post problems.
Engineered Truss-Column Connection
This interlocking system actually locks the truss and the wall column together and, in combination with our 2X6 roof purlins, creates a strong and durable roof.
Engineered Trusses
Professionally engineered and certified trusses form a sturdy, long lasting "backbone" for your building. To ensure the longest life of your building as possible all trusses are designed specifically to meet or exceed load necessary requirements.
Strong Columns
Laminated columns with 2X6 wall girts are used in every building to provide superior strength and stability in comparison to solid posts.